Tips on Buying a property

1.  Mortgage qualification

.  The banks have tightened their criteria for a mortgage approval, they take longer to approve, and have more rules to follow.

.  A mortgage broker is recommended, as they are paid by financial institutions that the banks use and only are reinbursed when

     a buyer is approved.  They are paid directly from the source of mortgage and have alot of packages to choose from.


2.  Custom needs list

.  With a 10 year plan, what is the most important factors for you now and ten years from now

.  What are do you do in your spare time, do you need to close to the things you enjoy doing.

.  What are your plans when you or your children get older.

.  Your new property should line up with your life goals in the near future.

.  Some things to think about...travellling, you may want less land, schools, pet parks, recreational centres, lakes, boat launches.


3. What will the property cost you in 2 years

.  When buying a home that needs repairs, what will the home cost you in 2 years

      ,,,would you be better off spending more money now for something that does not need repair, but costs more money.

.  Does the property need new appliances, fences, blind packages, flooring alterations, countertops, paint

.  When doing renovations, some investments have return, some are life choices such as hot tubs, pools, woodstoves

      others may not see the renovation as an improvement.

Best renovation return on investments are....paint, new kitchens, new bathrooms, new flooring

Worst renovation return on investments are...large improvements in basements, work done without permits, wallpaper, panelling

The areas closest to the front door are the most important first impressions.


4.  Street comparison

.  When you choose a property, ask us for a street search showing active and sold listings.

     Our team members may have seen the homes sold and have comments to add to the information on MLS. 

.  Be an expert in your area of purchase and type of property.


5.  Building inspections

.  We recommend a building inspection by a professional.  We have a list of professionals in our area.

.  The average inspection takes 2 to 3 hours, the last hour is a walk through with the inspector to go over the home.

.  Typically moisture meters, electrical testors, photos, a summary of repairs at the end shows areas of concerns.

.  This report is also useful when purchasing the right home insurance package.


6.   List of properties

.  Book viewings at least 24 hours in advance.

.  Book similar price ranges on the same day to compare home to homes.

.  Wear slip off shoes, comfortable clothing, take notes.

.  Remember that properties on busy streets, ones with odours, and stigmitized ones do not stand out when looking on MLS

.  Fold the unwanted property highlight sheets in half, at the end of the day you will have 2 or 3 favourites still unfolded.

      It helps the elimination process.


7.  Be loyal

.  We have had clients look for homes for 2 years before they bought a property.

We will be patient until you find exactly what you are looking for.

It takes time to go through the inventory of homes and assess where you would like to be.

Sit on the couch, rest in the home before making an offer. It helps to visualize your things in someone else’s home.

Shopping with a lot of people can wear some people out.

Slow down and rest on the back deck, we encourage a stress free experience.


8,  Contractor list

.With years of experience building and renovating homes, we have an extensive list of good people to repair or renovate properties

.we can arrange quotes from flooring to bathroom replacements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us for a tour of properties with you and your priorities in mind.

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